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What is it?

We provide portable accommodation for rent on your own property. Think of it as having your own granny flat, without the fuss of council consents or commitment to a permanent structure. It can be set up and taken down in a matter of hours.

We found our service to be of great use for many reasons:

  • Temporary accommodation while building a new home.
  • Care giving for a close friend or family member in need.
  • Someone wanting their own space.

Whatever your reason, if you need a living space on your property, we can help.

Temporary rental set up on property in NSW
Caravan on blocks

Will it work for me?

We’ve comprised a list of the following to give you an idea of what is required from you:

  • Check out the our cabins page for weekly rental rates.
  • We deliver to Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney and close surrounding suburbs. We need at least 2.7m clearance in a flat driveway and enough space to manoeuvre it into position. If unsure feel free to send us your address and/or photos.
  • Standard delivery is $950 if you are within range. This fee includes pickup at the end of the hire.
  • Bond is $700, we'll need this paid as a deposit to secure your cabin and a date for delivery. This is refundable if for whatever reason we can not supply based on availability.
  • You can have it for as long as you like, however we do have a minimum rental term of 6 months. Following this we need 1 month notice to terminate.
  • You will need to supply your own 15 amp power and extension leads to the two external power sockets that power the cabin.
  • You will need to provide your own hose for water. We recommend a black alkathene pipe for drinking water.
  • You will need to organise your own plumber for any piping needed. If using a standard toilet you will need it hooked up to current lines. If using an incinerator toilet, gray water can be piped to an outside house drain.


If the above sounds okay - select what cabin you would like and send us an enquiry using our booking form! You can view our cabins here

Following this, we’ll be in touch to talk about your property and our availability. If we believe we can do it, we’ll send you a simple online lease agreement for you to submit back to us along with your deposit.

Once it all checks out we’ll lock in the delivery date with our contractors, and you’ll have a cabin in no time!

Booking portable cabin
Setting up a temporary granny flat

Delivery and rental

On the day, we’ll need someone home to confirm the positioning of the cabin. If you have pre purchased things like electrical cables, our skilled and friendly contractors will help install this for you while showing you the ins and outs of your new granny flat.

If anything is amiss on the day or during your rental, do not hesitate to contact us and we will aim to respond with a solution promptly.


Once the lease is up, you can keep the cabin as long as you like. Let us know at least 1 month in advance before you’d like us to pick it up. This gives us time to arrange a new home and organise a suitable inspection and pick up time.

Packing up a portable granny flat

Good to go? Check out the options and pricing on the Our Cabins page.

Need more information? Browse the website FAQ's or contact us.