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Affordable and housing are two words that don’t fit well together recently when it comes to Sydney. People are turning to alternatives and searching for new and sometimes quirky ways to get the most out of their land and money. Some people turn to using cheaper materials, smaller spaces, modular designs, and transportable rooms. If you’re looking for something different that won’t cost you body parts just for a deposit – check out some of the examples below.

Storage container

These kind of homes aren’t for everybody, but they are a bit of a trend at the moment, mainly because of how eco-friendly, cheap and fast to build they are. They cost a few thousand dollars each and by repurposing them into a home, you’re saving thousands of kg’s of steel from being melted down or scrapped. It’s not your typical structure though, so it does come with some disadvantages. It can be harder to find a contractor with experience to build it for you, and it’ll have to abide by build codes to pass an inspection.

Black storgae container home built as a cheap housing alternative

Pallet home

If you want a DIY project done cheap, some people have turned to constructing their own shelters out of pallets. You can get them super cheap or even free if you look in the right places. Make sure you sand and clean them up a bit. They may be eco-friendly but not necessarily human-friendly. Definitely don’t use them on your kitchen table! If you plan on giving this one a go make sure to do some research first.

Different style of home built out of free pallets as an extra accommodation space

Granny Flats

These miniature homes out the back are rising in popularity. For those with extra space in the backyard, the benefits are many. You can have accommodation for family and friends, a home office or a place where grandma can stay closer to home.

We like the idea of granny flats – but it’s not the best solution for everyone wanting extra space. It’s a fixed structure, so it’s not easy to go back to a spacious backyard if you find yourself with no more need for it. Not to mention hassle and cost… you need council approvals / inspections / builders / maintenance. In terms of investment – the increase to the value of your property is rarely worth the cost of building it.

Transportable Granny Flats

For those that want essentially all the benefits of a granny flat but don’t have the money or need for a permanent structure, a transportable granny flat is a great solution. They are easy to set up, cost little, and can be removed when no longer needed. They come with wheels and can be classified much like a caravan – hence no need for council approvals. It’s really simple:

  • Order your transportable granny flat
  • Get it delivered to your door
  • Hook up two pipes for water and waste
  • Call up to have it picked up when you have no more need of it

The only disadvantages may be that typical rental rules apply – changing the floor plan or extending the deck are not really options, and there is generally a minimum contract term to make it sustainable for the owners.

Transportable cabin being relocated to a new home ready for tenants looking for temporary accommodation.