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Temporary rental set up on property in NSW

How It Works

Get a grasp of the ins and outs of renting a temporary home. We've outlined all the costs involved and the process that will take you all the way from booking it in to ending your lease.

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  • We were very happy with both the cabin and the service. Would be more than likely to highly recommend to others or use again should a situation arise.

    Peter Bryant
  • The incinerator is fabulous and has allowed us to get up and going without fussing around with septic systems. It's easy to use and we couldn't be happier.

  • We needed a temporary living arrangement whilst our new home was being built. These cabins were in very good condition which is what we needed as every other alternative ie hiring older caravans etc was often musty and mouldy. This was a great value option for us, that was clean and very liveable!

    Andy Manuel
  • We rented a cabin for two years. It was an awesome solution for our lack of space. Ryan was great and set it up for us. I would totally recommend Cabins Sydney.

    Lucy Anderson